We care for the natural heritage of Thrace

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Our values

Transparency and Accountability

Our procedures and financial information are accessible to any interested person.

Participation and collaboration

We believe in democratic decision-making processes and do not believe in centralised institutional models.


We believe that responsibility combined with a systematic and continuous development of skills are ingredients for success.

Social and Gender Equality

We have zero tolerance for discrimination based on gender, religion, nationality, political beliefs, sexual orientation, educational or socio-economic background.

Promotion of knowledge

We place great emphasis on the production and dissemination of knowledge and the encouragement and enhancement of innovative initiatives.

Our actions

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Anti-poison Dog Unit

We fight the greatest and hidden threat to wildlife in Thrace.

Education and Awareness

We empower the next generation to become defenders of the nature of Thrace.

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Monitoring of wind farm impacts

We monitor and document the impacts that installations for renewable energy have on biodiversity.

Bird monitoring

We discover the secrets of the life and death of endangered birds of prey.

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A video from SPBT
for the wind farms in Thrace

Thrace is a typical example of an area with high biodiversity, however in this area wind turbines have not been sited proper since the beginning of 2000 and the impacts recorded to date are very serious.

Through this video, scientists, specialised in the environmental licensing of such projects (public authorities, private researchers and NGOs), describe the problems caused by the non-proper planning of these projects in biodiversity, the importance of cumulative impacts and how hard is to mitigate them in sensitive areas and they finally promote proper siting and compliance with environmental licensing procedures and legislation as the only means for the coexistence of wind turbines and birds in a wider area.

Our news

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Νέοι Αιολικοί Σταθμοί στη Ροδόπη απειλούν τους γύπες

Νέοι Αιολικοί Σταθμοί στη Ροδόπη απειλούν τους γύπες και άλλα προστατευόμενα πουλιά Στις 25 Ιουλίου, η Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Μακεδονίας –…

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Mulberry, the holly tree of Soufli Municipality

Mulberry, the holly tree of Soufli Municipality Last weekend, an interesting initiative dedicated to a favorite tree of the local people, a mulberry festival left its footprint in our region.

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Seminars on the legal framework regarding the environmental licensing of wind farms in Alexandroupoli, Komotini and Xanthi

Both EU and national legislation prescribe specific procedures to assess the impacts (including cumulative) of wind energy projects in the context of environmental licensing in order to ensure that climate targets for clean energy are achieved in harmony with the protection of biodiversity as well as the important habitats and species.

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Another cinereous vulture recorded as victim of wind turbines in Thrace-Greece

Another cinereous vulture recorded as victim of wind turbines in Thrace-Greece.On April 30, a cinereous vulture flying in a mountainous area of the Greek Rhodope Mountain collided with a wind turbine in the "Filiouri Valley" Important Bird Area.