The Society for the Protection of Biodiversity of Thrace is a Civil Non-Profit Organisation established in September 2020 (GEMI No. 156318721000) and is based in the village of Dadia, which is located in the Municipality of Soufli within the regional unit of Evros. It is managed by a six-member General Assembly that is made up of scientists, such as foresters, biologists, agronomists and economists, who work in the public, academic and private sectors. They possess long-term experience in the study of birds, habitats, and forest ecosystems including in human activities within forest ecosystems, as well in the administration, organisation and planning of environmental programmes.

The Society for the Protection of Biodiversity of Thrace carries out its operations with absolute transparency in the management of its resources and, based on the principles of accountability, it maintains accounting books in the C' category and fully complies with the relevant legislation and seeks to keep its donors and partners informed in a systematic manner.